Direct and Mobile Marketing

A leading national bank needed a destination that was dedicated to improving the card shopping experience. They were tied to a development schedule they did not own, and the fulfillment path required integration with third party applications. 

LiquidHub developed a test and learn agenda, designed and developed the user experience in a hosted environment and integrated the user flow into the external application process. We also assisted with a personalized, pre-qualified offers platform. 

LiquidHub’s designed experience outperformed the champion user flow and has become the standard user experience against which all new learning objectives are tested. We also enabled the client to increase releases from once per quarter to 24 releases in a year significantly reducing time to market to optimize the destination.


Hank Summy ( Partner )

Hank Summy has helped his client partners grow and transform their businesses over the past 25 years. As an expert in digital transformation, he can help you find new ways to engage the people that matter the most to you. 

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