How are you creating value for patients? The answer is becoming an increasingly critical differentiator for payers and providers. Payer organizations are challenged to improve member engagement within a changing regulatory environment. Providers must transform their business models to deliver competitive services that improve patient outcomes, reimbursements, and the quality of care.


Reaching New Heights

Change starts with looking at the healthcare system from the patient and member perspective. The 21st-century consumer expects a seamless healthcare experience – one that measures up to new expectations that are being driven by other industries. That is what LiquidHub is built to do. We accelerate your path towards organizing around the patient/member to create seamless and continuous engagements.

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Our Solutions

Our team of Healthcare experts transform interactions with patients, providers, health plans, and channel partners to deliver our clients value-generating, game-changing results.

Enhance Member and Patient Experience

  • Understanding the human context of healthcare continuum through human insights to drive innovation, invention, and disruption
  • Optimize patient and member interactions and exceed participation minimums with next generation portals, mobile, wearable, and social channels
  • Multi-disciplined, human-centered approach designed and developed for personalization, self-service, enhanced wellness, and care management

Improve Insights Through Analytics

  • Harness information across silos for total health insights - from wellness to chronic care
  • Aggregate and analyze data across new, legacy, social, and cloud-based repositories/channels
  • Deliver actionable insight into sales drivers, operational risk, and reimbursement optimization

Modernize Applications, Architecture, and Enable Digital Integration

  • Develop a roadmap and architecture that guarantees true digital transformation
  • Design, build, and manage new technologies that exceed the expectations of an increasingly digital consumer
  • Bridge the gap between technology and business stakeholders by developing and achieving shared timelines and goals

Drive Revenue

  • Empower marketing and sales partners to be more effective in the customer acquisition and retention process
  • Engage and delight potential and existing members through well-designed experiences and platforms
  • Capitalize on reimbursement incentives, driven by satisfied customers and improved outcomes

Digital Integration

A leading healthcare client that provided health insurance to over 3.6 million people was rapidly transitioning as a platform for applications.

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Patient Portal & Health Cloud

A leading rehabilitation center was focused on the treatment of addiction, tracking of patients, keeping them engaged, and providing transparency to the customer.

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Pediatric Healthcare

One of the largest and oldest children's hospitals in the world wanted to build a Pediatric Healthcare Portal (PHP) to improve the framework for handling applications.

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David Santivasci ( Managing Director )

David has over 20 years sales and implementation experience working with health plans and PBMs. He partners with healthcare organizations to understand how LiquidHub’s Customer Experience Strategy, Design and Engineering capabilities fuel their Digital Transformation initiatives to engage customers, members, and providers.

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