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A leading global asset management had disparate processes and inconsistent system interactions that lead to different client servicing experiences. The use of the existing CRM features varied between teams. Like other similar Wealth Management organizations, their existing CRM focused on operational processes. Advisors and support teams spend a lot of their time doing repetitive tasks that distracted them from client engagements.

LiquidHub implemented a solution that enhanced user experience with standardized business processes. Using the FSC as our base, we delivered tools enabling the client to manage their customer relationships and also regulate some very complex connections.

LiquidHub was chosen from a competitive field of Platinum and Global SI Partners to lead the first implementation of Salesforce’s new Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Wealth Management product. We were chosen because of our deep domain expertise and industry knowledge from many previous Wealth Management client engagements. Our project delivered an improved user experience and set of standardized business processes which enabled advisors and their associates to focus on customer engagement.

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